Road Schooled

Lessons from the Road to Somewhere

Speed Road Trip Across America with My Feet

When people ask me if I have any regrets about my travels I don’t really have any.  Sure there are things I would have done differently knowing what I know now, but I don’t have regrets.  The closest thing I have to a regret is that I wish I would have taken more pictures of […]

Where’s the Mountain?

Today when I was driving I looked to the southeast and momentarily thought to myself – “Where’s the mountain?” And then I realized that I’m in California not Washington so I should stop trying to locate Mount Rainier on the horizon.  It has been a little over a week since I left Seattle for the […]

Once in a Lifetime Moment Atop the Space Needle

The other day I was sitting atop the Space Needle in Seattle drinking a soy latte after a day of sightseeing.  There was an antsy teenage girl next to me whining to go do something else, anything else, rather than sit there looking out the window.  BORING.  Her mom exasperatedly said – “This is  a […]

San Juan Islands by Air, Ferry, and Foot

While spending the summer in the Seattle area I have been fortunate enough to explore the San Juan Islands by air, ferry, and foot.  While traveling by different modes of transport I was struck how my perspective of the islands changed. San Juan Islands by Air San Juan Islands by Ferry San Juan Islands by […]

Show & Tell: Lifestyles of the Poor and Ordinary

Proud owners of a grassland home with a million dollar view. Location:  Olympic National Park, WA

Show & Tell: Be Proud of Who You Are

Be yourself.  Be beautiful. Location:  Seattle Pride Parade 2009 – Seattle, WA

Show & Tell: Where the Wild Things Are

I was too afraid to sleep in my tent in the Hoh Rainforest because I heard growling coming from the woods while tending my campfire. So I slept in my car with a mouse that got in when I was unpacking. It was a long night. Location: Hoh Rainforest at Olympic National Park, WA