Road Schooled

Lessons from the Road to Somewhere

America: Land Where Women Wrestle Men in Public Parks

While I was eating lunch in the town square at Jackson Hole Wyoming I witnessed for the first time in my life a girl wrestling a guy in a public park.  Not just playful wresting, but hardcore freestyle wresting with arm holds, leg holds, and takedowns.  The group of Asian tourists eating pizza next to […]

Dancing Your Way to Unstoppable

I didn’t make it to the Sasquatch Music Festival as I hoped, but this dancing guy video filmed at the festival has been making its way around the internet virally.   The cool part is about a minute in when the third dancer enters and the scene changes from crazy dancing guy to dance party. Ironically […]

Finding Opportunity in Disaster

When I was swinging hammers with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans 2.5 years after Katrina hit I asked myself more than once if what I was doing was a good thing. I went to New Orleans because I wanted to help those less fortunate. Yet when I arrived I found that many never returned […]

Finding Hope in New Orleans

Full screen version New Orleans Habitat for Humanity