Road Schooled

Lessons from the Road to Somewhere

Show & Tell: Sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge

I left my heart in San Francisco. Location:  Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, CA

Show & Tell: Lifestyles of the Poor and Ordinary

Proud owners of a grassland home with a million dollar view. Location:  Olympic National Park, WA

Show & Tell: Spray Paint Storefront

Sometimes tourism feels worse than graffiti. Location:  Highway 191 near Moab, UT

Show & Tell: A Thing Called Love

After mating, a female grasshopper uses her ovipositor to lay an egg pod containing several dozen tightly packed eggs. Location:  Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet, SC

Show & Tell: Be Proud of Who You Are

Be yourself.  Be beautiful. Location:  Seattle Pride Parade 2009 – Seattle, WA

Show & Tell: Where the Wild Things Are

I was too afraid to sleep in my tent in the Hoh Rainforest because I heard growling coming from the woods while tending my campfire. So I slept in my car with a mouse that got in when I was unpacking. It was a long night. Location: Hoh Rainforest at Olympic National Park, WA

Show & Tell: Home on the Range

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam where the buffalo are not branded wearing ear tags and posing for tourists on a paved road. Location:  Custer State Park, SD

Show & Tell: The Winding Road of Road Schooled

The winding road in the header photo of Road Schooled was taken at Joshua Tree National Park. Location:  Joshua Tree National Park – Twentynine Palms, CA

Show & Tell: Dropping Out of the Box

When I was in grad school I felt like I was in an inescapable box.  Dropping out and hitting the road to somewhere set me free. Location:  Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet, SC

Show & Tell: At the Edge of a Waterfall

I hiked up this waterfall and looked down the edge of the falls despite being afraid of heights.  It was totally worth it. Location:  Vernal Fall at Yosemite National Park, CA

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