Road Schooled

Lessons from the Road to Somewhere

A Week in the Life

Nora Dunn over at The Professional Hobo is doing a series profiling a week in the life of long-term travelers.  She asked me to contribute a post to the series.  Check it out: A Week in the Life of Sue: Road Schooled After you read about how much I cram into a week on the […]

10 Things I Learned Solo Road Tripping the United States

Four years ago today I packed up my car with camping gear and set out to explore the United States. It has been a wild ride of ups and downs through 47 states and more than 30 National Parks. To celebrate my four year anniversary of hitting the road I thought I’d share a few […]

Once in a Lifetime Moment Atop the Space Needle

The other day I was sitting atop the Space Needle in Seattle drinking a soy latte after a day of sightseeing.  There was an antsy teenage girl next to me whining to go do something else, anything else, rather than sit there looking out the window.  BORING.  Her mom exasperatedly said – “This is  a […]

San Juan Islands by Air, Ferry, and Foot

While spending the summer in the Seattle area I have been fortunate enough to explore the San Juan Islands by air, ferry, and foot.  While traveling by different modes of transport I was struck how my perspective of the islands changed. San Juan Islands by Air San Juan Islands by Ferry San Juan Islands by […]

How to Plan for a Trip into the Unknown

One of the most common questions I get when I tell people that I solo road tripped the lower 48 is: How do you plan for something like that? And why don’t you have a van? The truth is I never planned to solo road trip the lower 48. It just happened. And that is […]

Show & Tell: At the Edge of a Waterfall

I hiked up this waterfall and looked down the edge of the falls despite being afraid of heights.  It was totally worth it. Location:  Vernal Fall at Yosemite National Park, CA

Too Fat to Ride the Mules

For years I thought about hiking the Grand Canyon. Last summer I went to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and decided not to hike down because I was feeling under the weather and wasn’t sure if I would make it back up in the scorching heat. So I looked into riding the mules […]

Overcoming Fear to Soar to New Heights

I used to be afraid to fly.  I’m not sure why — maybe the lack of control and the thought of crashing to a fiery death.  Regardless, the more I made myself fly the easier it became.  The past couple weeks I even voluntarily flew in a small twin engine plane.  A huge step for […]

A New Road to Somewhere

Four years ago I packed up my car with camping gear and set out on a solo road trip to explore the West for the summer. My “plan” was to place all my possessions in storage in Minnesota, rubber tramp across the National Parks of the West, and figure out what I wanted to do […]