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Once in a Lifetime Moment Atop the Space Needle

Posted on | July 23, 2009 | Comments Off on Once in a Lifetime Moment Atop the Space Needle

Drinking a Soy Latte Atop the Space Needle

The other day I was sitting atop the Space Needle in Seattle drinking a soy latte after a day of sightseeing.  There was an antsy teenage girl next to me whining to go do something else, anything else, rather than sit there looking out the window.  BORING.  Her mom exasperatedly said –

“This is  a once in a lifetime moment.  You never know when or if you will ever be here again.  Enjoy the view.”

The teenage girl begrudgingly sat down, crossed her arms, and stared at the floor.

They made me think about what constitutes a ‘once in a lifetime moment.’  It is easy to define and enjoy the big once in a lifetime moments in your life – traveling to a new location, your wedding day, birth of a child, graduation, etc.  But what about all the other moments?

Technically this is a once in a lifetime moment for you.  You are sitting somewhere reading this post for the first time.  This moment in time will never happen again exactly as it is happening now.  Sure you could read the post again but you will already know how the story ends.

Once in a lifetime moments are every moment.  The big moments are memorable.  But what about the little moments?  They may not be as memorable but they are just as precious and often under-appreciated.

When people ask me where is my favorite place I have traveled I always have a hard time answering that question.  Long-term travel isn’t about a location or a place or a big once in a lifetime moment.  It is about the journey.  All the moments – big, small, and in between.

Every moment is a once in a lifetime moment.  Enjoy the journey.


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