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America: Land Where Women Wrestle Men in Public Parks

Posted on | July 7, 2009 | 1 Comment

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“You perceive I generalize with intrepidity from single instances.
It is the tourist's custom.” - Mark Twain

While I was eating lunch in the town square at Jackson Hole Wyoming I witnessed for the first time in my life a girl wrestling a guy in a public park.  Not just playful wresting, but hardcore freestyle wresting with arm holds, leg holds, and takedowns.  The group of Asian tourists eating pizza next to me commented — whoa, women in America wrestle men in park.

Based on that one experience the group of Asian tourists extrapolated that it is normal to see women wrestling men in a public park.  It is American as eating pizza.

I have been an American my entire life and I’m here to tell you it is not normal to see women wrestling men in public parks.  When I go to the park sometimes I see gray squirrels wrestling or maybe some kids.  But no women sweeping a guys leg out and putting him in a half nelson until he is ready to cry.

But it would be cool if someday tourists would look in a guidebook and the headline would read:

America:  Land Where Women Wrestle Men in Public Parks

A girl can dream.  This is America after all.


One Response to “America: Land Where Women Wrestle Men in Public Parks”

  1. Frank
    August 3rd, 2009 @ 9:19 pm

    Great post. Enjoyed a good laugh!
    (see it worked!)

    I am an Aussie and there is a saying about New Zealanders that is SORT of similar.

    New Zealand, where men are men and the sheep are frightened….

    We love taking the p… out of Kiwi’s and as there are more sheep than people (and obviously women) in NZ there are STRONG rumours about undue affection…..

    Cheers from Oz